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Practical Intuition in Love by Laura Day

Practical Intuition in Love by Laura Day
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In her groundbreaking bestseller Practical Intuition, Laura Day showed how intuition—an instinctual knowledge we all possess about ourselves and what is best for us—can be the most effective tool for leading a fulfilled life.

In Practical Intuition in Love, Laura Day demonstrates how this powerful, natural gift directly affects our ability to find and sustain intimate romantic relationships.

If used wisely, intuition will help you send and interpret romantic signals, guide you to the right people and choices, and help you avoid the entrapments of no-win situations.

Based on her successful workshops and filled with proven techniques and real-life examples, Laura Day’s simple six-step plan will help you recognize the inner gift of attracting and nourishing the relationship with the one you love.

Whether you are searching for a partner, recovering from love gone wrong, or trying to put the heat in the relationship gone cold, Practical Intuition in Love will help you put pleasure back in into your life, and find joy in a relationship that lasts.

  1. lucy   

    I think that this book helped me to found my love, who is my husband from 11 year, and helped me to know more about myself.

  2. Dasha   

    This book has come in and out of my life a few times. I’ve picked it up every so often and done the excercises. Every time it has pointed out to me that there are inner roadblocks to love in my life. I’ve been working on them ever since.

  3. Cheers for the fantastic post – I had fun goining through it! I often enjoy reading through this work.

  4. This is a great book. Ive read it a few times. Still havent found the love of my life, but I think this is a great book non the less

  5. Sheri   

    I just began doing this book this month. Immediately, it has help me shift my mind and my focus to the present moment. I was down regarding relationship and in the first chapter, reset myself to regain “pleasure” in every moment. I realize this is the beginning but it has been a great reminder to live in love-starting with myself. I look forward to ‘doing’ this book as much as I have enjoyed Laura Day’s others. Her books are definitely not going to look brand new for long…they are constantly being ‘done’ and used like a daily reference book.


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