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Welcome To Your Crisis
by Laura Day

Welcome To Your Crisis <br/>by Laura Day
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Crises punctuate our lives; no one is beyond their reach.

For author Laura Day, these markers hit with somber thuds: When she was 14, her mother killed herself; years later, her marriage ended, leaving Day impoverished, with a newborn son.

These painful tutorials taught the author simple lessons about preparing for aftershocks and not losing stride.

Like her previous Practical Intuition, Welcome to Your Crisis doesn’t insist on its own wisdom.

Indeed, it is the unpretentiousness of Day’s strategies that makes this self-help book inviting.

Kind words for rebuilding your life.

Meditation by Crisis Response Types:

•  Anxiety – Play Video
•  Rage – Play Video
•  Denial – Play Video
•  Depression – Play Video

Crisis Resources

  1. Cheryl   

    A co-worker of mine let me borrow her copy of the book “Welcome to Your Crisis” about 8 years ago when I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life. I read and re-read this book so many times over the past few years and it has been my “go-to” every time things have gotten rough.
    I actually marked up (highlighted passages & made notes all over the pages) of this borrowed book and ended up buying a new copy to replace my co-workers copy. I have also bought 4 more copies and had tem sent to friends in need.
    This book has saved me and helped me through so many things and is my “bible”
    Thank you again for all that you do and have shared to help all of us!!

    • Thank you for the support!! Welcome to Your Crisis can really free up the energy to allow for positive change. I am so glad to hear that it has helped you!

  2. Marilyn Arroyo   

    I just want to say Thank You Laura Day for all your hard work and dedication to enlightening us all. I have been having a lot of issues lately and even left you a cranky message here on your website the other day. I just want to say I’m sorry and that I am grateful for all the things you do to help others. Your books have changed my life I will continue to use your advice to guide me through my journey.
    Take Care

    • I get cranky too! I am happy that you feel comfortable enough to skip the sunshine and light when you are feeling down!

  3. Elena   

    Jennifer Aniston had a blurb about Laura’s book How to Rule the World in a magazine that I read in 2010/2011. It really caught my eye, and I picked up all of Laura’s books.
    I’ve read and am re-reading “WTYC” right now. It’s the most practical, and insightful book I have ever read. It also makes a world of difference that I feel connected to the group in the Circle and supported by everyone. I highly recommend everyone follows Laura’s Twitter exercises. My car battery died the other day with my special needs work client. He started to cry, it was hot and sticky outside. What was I going to do? We were the only car in a bowling alley parking lot. I called my boyfriend to see if he could come jump my car, and beng so caring, he started to drive over. Right after I got off the phone with him a AAA truck parked right next to me. I was so confused at first, did someone call AAA? The man actually was going to the bowling alley to use the bathroom, and he was able to also jump my car. When my boyfriend arrived, the AAA man was able to explain to my boyfriend things about my car I did not quite understand. Later, he was able to fix my battery completely. I am still in awe of how smoothly life can flow in the circle.
    I have amazed myself and the different challenges I have faced in life. I have gained grace, poise, and a better self awareness from this book.
    As someone who is in another life transition with her career, even though I have had an incredibly tough month, I’m able to at least regain faith that I can read this book, and gain further insight and strength.

    • Thank you for the kind words and GOOD WORK! I love those moments when I am really part of THE CIRCLE and able to move within reality in a way that facilitates ease!

  4. Arvydas   

    Your book is good, still far away worse than Bible. If You don’t respond – be there.

  5. Anna   

    I seem to have a Library Angel who leads me to books that will assist me toward reconciling with myself having emerged from a brutal past. It’s a year since I read Crisis, and I was in crisis, that darkest place that the soul can endure. Never able to trust anyone in my whole life, that day I decided to trust you, Laura, and to go wherever that led me. I have never been a joiner so one of the big things I took on trust was that I would find my own group. And it happened very quickly (Narcotics Anonymous). It was like coming home after decades of lostness. They knew me as soon as I arrived and I knew them. From this foundation step, my whole life began a transformation on every level. A year later I am largely recovered from any fear, sorrow or anger. Laura, you were so worthy of my trust. Thankyou. Anna

    • Thank you for sharing this with us and bravo on your courage to confront addiction. I am honored to be part of your journey

  6. Cheryl   

    I received this book many years ago when I was going through a very nasty divorce from an unlikely source, my former boss at me work who we butted heads quite frequently… however, she had a daughter who was bipolar and she had read this and thought I could benefit from it… her only request was that I return it to her… well I ended up losing this job due to restraining orders/husband hounding/stalking me at work/ my lack of concentration at work due to outside issues… anyway, I spent the following summer sitting by the lake with this book, absorbed, crying, laughing, highlighting passages, making notes in the margin… it became my “bible” and got me through this time… I still have this book with me notations and actually bought a new copy for my ex-coworker and had it mailed back to her…. Thank you Laura Day and my friend/ex coworker Cindy who gave this to me,,,, as I am writing this I think I must send Cindy a personalized thank you note…. not sure I would be where I am now if she hadn’t dropped that book on my desk….

    • Dear Cheryl,
      Thank you so much for this wonderful story! It always amazes me how many twists and turns life takes us on and the wonderful places we end up.

  7. Dee   

    Thanks Laura Day! This book has changed my life.
    I cannot recommend it enough to others. I came across it at the library and borrowed it because I was (and still am) going through a difficult stage in my life dealing with infertility. The advice in this book has totally changed my attitude and reaction to difficult situations in life, and I feel like I have learned so much, and grown as a person through this book. I am going out and buying it today. Thanks for writing such an easy to read, thoughtful, practical, and encouraging book and inspiring people to embrace change. I will always be grateful!

  8. Margaret Ann   

    The meditation for anxiety is amazing…I can’t believe I didn’t come across this before…I’m re-reading Welcome to Your Crisis for about the 3rd time…since last year and it’s like I’m reading a new book

  9. judy b   

    This book and How to Rule The World from your Couch literally saved my sanity. Crisis in every part of my life this last year; lung cancer, loss of home, betrayal in relationship, job threatened. Thank God for these books. Reading them and doing the exercises helped me to see my reaction type and the exercise for the ‘path’ was incredibly healing for me. My copy is ‘Crisis’ is earmarked and worn. I take it everywhere. I honestly have to thank this woman, Laura Day for these precious gifts. I’m going to be OK and use the crises to make my life even better. And to everyone in this group, THANKS! Judy

  10. I 100% enjoyed this comments. Please carry on this eye opening work. Bye!

  11. Sheri   

    Hi Laura,
    I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I am officially divorced. It has taken quite some time and Im sure I was manipulated in court a little by my ex- (one of his finer qualities) BUT regardless, my ‘wish’ came to fruition and for that, I wanted to share. When I came to Esalen a few years ago-you helped (forced with love) me to see what was happening with me. When you visited in San Diego after, you did a reading on me based on one of your activities. You pegged my situation and hit it head on. I took the long road, but I made it. I would not have made it without your help and the support of our Circle. I am not scared. I have more changes to make but I feel strong and KNOW there is more out here for me.

    My life is changing every day. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us. Much love and appreciation. I am honored to be a part of your Circle.
    Fondly, Sheri

  12. Donna Johnson   

    I had never heard of Laura Day but my husband had left me on Sunday and I went to Big Lots on Monday.. They a big box of books on clearance and the top book was Welcome To Your Crisis. I knew I had to buy it and I’m so glad I did.. Within 1 week I have learned so much about myself and I can now build a new and better life for my 14 year old son and myself.. I was totally lost and all alone as my best friend left me at the same time and I felt I had no where to turn.. Then the book appeared and I am done with it but I will always refer to it.. Thank you Laura for sharing and helping me discover all that I can be..

  13. Hanna   

    This is a simple but very helpful and practical book from Laura Day. I discovered it when my dreams blew up in smoke and I had to move halfway across the country for work. My old life was literally ripped away from me but what I gained was alot of inner peace that had evaded me for years. I rebuilt my life and found my dearest wish (the one that I thought had blown up in my face) coming true months later. God’s delays are not God’s denials.

  14. I recommend Laura Day’s last three books to everyone. This one, to provide insight, comfort, and tools to create change in one’s life. Knowing my ‘crisis type’ helps me to understand my responses to life’s difficulties and changes, and gives me practical and useful tools to respond in effective ways. I love Laura Day. It’s tough not to love her. She is expertly sharing the most powerful tools to enrich our lives. This book let me know that I’m not crazy. *smile* It’s not a quick fix, but it IS a tool for utilizing to overcome things within ourselves, to create lives that are truly better. Her latest three books are my constant companions.

  15. Mary   

    I discovered this book during a difficult time in my life and “Welcome to Your Crisis” helped me to navigate that difficult situation. This book has helped me to learn how to view each and every situation as an opportunity and to prevent the little “bumps in the road” from becoming full blown crises.

    Laura Day teaches us to identify and manage our own crisis type, and to also identify the crisis type of others so that we can work with them more effectively. She teaches this in an easy to understand, straight forward way. This book has helped me in all areas of my life, and in all types of relationships. It has been particualry helpful to me in business and in furthering my career as a result of being able to successfully navigate each and every situation.

    This book has changed my life and I highly recommend it. I’m grateful to Laura Day for sharing her teachings in “Welcome to Your Crisis.” I wouldn’t be where I am today, without having read this book and put the principles to work in my life and my career. Thank you Laura Day!

  16. Aimie Costanza   

    The “crises” book truly helped me move out of a situation I could not see any solution to, and I ended up miles better than I ever thought I would. I got exactly what I wanted to get out of the crises. It taught me the value of doing this work in a consistant, disciplined way.
    It was also a great pleasure and comfort to read!! The warmth, caring, and wisdom of the writing made for an experience of having an ongoing conversation with a best friend, big sister and Nanna all rolled into one…perfect for you or anyone you care about in a time of crises. Best gift!


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