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The Circle
by Laura Day

The Circle <br/>by Laura Day
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The Circle reveals the master formula for conscious creation: how you can realize any goal through the focused use of intuition, intellect and behavior. When you enter The Circle all things are possible.

The Circle is timeless. Its teachings and concepts are found in every tradition, religion and belief.

The Circle is the power to change your life with a single wish.

When you enter The Circle, you become part of a powerful community.

You are never alone in The Circle.

A single wish creates powerful coincidences that provide the road map to your New Reality.

People, places, events, awareness, and the bountiful gifts of the universe will present themselves to you
and show you just how willing the world is to work with you.

Welcome to The Circle. I will meet you there.

Audio Sample – The Morning Quickie

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  1. Hello Mdm Laura,
    I need you help. I live in greece and i dont speak very goog english.Sorry for…my english.
    today i start reading your amazing book”welcome to you to use the power of crisis to create the life you want”.
    i’ll buy this book today(with greek subtitles)!!
    First time in my life i reading such a book.In 6 hours i read all your book…and i say….”this is my life”!!you are so amazing i have so power.
    i lose both of my parents in accident before 8 months.i am alone,i have serious depress and with this book i now what i must done to change my life and found the hapiness!BUT I NEED MORE INFORMATIONS…
    Did you know…i want to read these also amazing three books but IN GREEK VERSION….??IS THAT POSIBLE…?i think probably not..?

    you are so wonderful woman.thank you for your book …deep..deep from my heart!!after this book i have so good feelings about my future…I WAIT FOR YOUR ANSWER…I NEED THESE BOOKS!!
    Good night
    god bless you!!!

    • I believe that all three books are available in Greek. The Circle is an easy enough read that you could do it in English as your English is good. Mourning takes time and the more support you get during this time the more productive it will be for your life. As painful as mourning is, it gives you the opportunity to release many inner roadblocks, not just from the incident or loss, but from the rest of your history. Therapy is often very helpful during a time of mourning to bring depth to the experience. It is often hard to find new dreams during a time of mourning and it is a lot of pressure, when every day can feel like a struggle. Celebrate your ability to reach out, as you have to me and keep reaching out. Deal with the mundane experiences of the day to day and for a while, don’t expect yourself to do anything more. Find a group to support you, connect with friends, to a mental health professional and you will find your way to a New Reality.

      • Minka   

        The Circle has changed my life when you have a focus and intention anything is possible. I am grateful I met Laura Day who is lovely and so giving with the hands on healing. This strengthens the circle of your intention and starts a healing within and without helping to facilitate global healing on a cellular level. The Circle is easy to follow. Thank you Laura Day for creating the Circle.

  2. Victoria   

    Hi Laura,

    I want to share with you my experience with The Circle. A few years ago, I was walking alone one afternoon and as usual I was thinking about all the things that I want for my life at that point, feeling lonely and unfulfilled, and I saw a Bookstore and walked inside. I was looking around without paying attention and suddenly your book just “called me” I looked to my right and there it was: “The Power Of A Single Wish Can Change Your Life” when I read that, that was it, I took it and bought it.

    I went to my apartment I fast as I could cause I wanted to read it right away and when I finally arrived my sister was there, I told her that I bought this book, she was very curious, so I gave it to her for a while, she stared to read it and like 20 minutes later she told me: “I have to go somewhere so I’m going to take a shower and finish the book later”. So finally I stared to read it and really absorbing all your words and the phone rings, I answered and it was a call for my sister, I gave her the phone at the shower and 5 minutes later she goes out and tell me, “I got the job at the airline, they just called me to tell me, and that was what I wish when I was reading the book”. It was unbelievable, you can called it coincidence or you can say that she was on the circle. She was going through months of training and interviews to get a job as a flight attendant, and from many days she was waiting for the final call, telling her that she was in or out. And a few days after the airline gave her an award of best student of her group.

    This is getting a little long, but my experience with the circle is not to far away from that, I did get my wish, just a few weeks later I was living a new life, everything that I pictured in my mind, new job, new friends, fantastic work environment and a new love. But the most important a new perspective of my life.

    That was four years ago, all of that has change now. Just yesterday I remembered that book and decided to read it again, as I’m not feeling good lately, but I’m ready to have my new reality back.

    Thank you Laura!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I am sending you energy for your New Reality now.

  3. Stacey   

    Dear Laura,

    I have had “The Circle” for a few years now, but recently was drawn to pick it from my bookshelf.

    I want to thank you for this wonderful gift! The Universe has been providing me with concrete tools to focus and create my New Reality in the last 4 months and your book brings me even closer…I can feel and see it! Thank you for co-creating my new reality. What an abundant reality it is! :)

    Peace and Love,

    Bloomington, MN

  4. Martha Mobley   

    Laura I have read your book Circle,few times and I still not reach to the point to see that it has changed my life. Like everyone I also have a dream and no matter what I do and change myself I have not yet reach to my dreamto have loving husband and family. Many broken relationship broken heart,it hurt even to talk about. I am educted professional woman with a charming personilatu,BUT not not able to have fullfill serious relationship. I am still reading Circle and wishing to give me a fullfill loving relatinship, love and to be loved that is my One Wish. Martha

  5. Laura, I’m sending you this Email to let you know my friend Cindy husband passed away yesterday 6/1/2011. I would like to thank you for putting him in the Circle. Cindy is doing as well as can be expected. She should be receiving her book the Circle within the next few days and I told her that I will support her and help her in any way that I can. I did ask her hen she gets the book to go to the page with the circle in it and make a wish and I will help her in whatever she should wish but I told her not to tell me her wish. I also told her to go to your website which I know she will do when she is ready. If you should think of anything else I can do for her please feel free to email me back for Cindy is a very sweet person and she has been through alot. Again I Thank You. Betty

  6. Tuğba   

    Dear Laura Day,
    Who knows how my life would have not seen this book, the bookstore shelf?was a turning point for me, literally.
    I started reading the book in 2008 and 7 months after the biggest indication of my wish came into my life.Approximately 2 years later my wish has come true.I have encountered serious difficulties.Using all my strength, but I beat them all.
    This is a belated thank you.This book has helped me live my dream.
    very, very important for me.

    Thank you so much.

  7. irishangel   

    I had the urge to read/do THE CIRCLE again- so I opened it up and read my notes I’d made in it from 2008 – and guess what???!!!

    *ALL* the items I’d wished for and worked for with THE CIRCLE are currently in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I just have to narrow down exactly what I want this time!


  8. Dear Laura, this book is really fascinating ….
    I live in Uruguay, and from here I send you many greetings.
    You have inspired me, excited, and has made my life even more beautiful than it is. The new reality has not come yet, but it comes at any time ….
    Thank you for your energy, strength and every word written in this book: “The circle”
    A warm greeting

    Sabrina Gerolam

  9. Jane   

    I’m beginning my third reading of The Circle. In the first two rounds, I have been able to not only identify my wish, my heart’s desire, but have also discovered the ways in which I short-circuit its appearance in my life. This is such a powerful learning experience. Thank you, Laura, and I send you much energy and love. Jane

  10. J Nabers   

    “Welcome to Your Crisis” jumped off of the bookstore’s shelf into my hands on Saturday. Chapter 4 is dead on! I am half way through Welcome and just returned from the same bookstore will all of Laura’s others books they had in stock (The Circle, Practical Intuition and How to Rule the World from Your Couch). I’m in long term relationship (ending) crisis now and will be making major changes in 2011. Which one do I read next? Thanks.

  11. Hi Laura,
    I am a fan of your book The Circle. I have read it many times. Its lessons have helped guide me to the conscious creation of my current reality. Thank you.

  12. Arti   

    Hello Laura,
    I need help and Joint healing and prayers for a good job and abundance, A house, a soulmate and good health and wisdom.
    Can these prayers and intentions be kept in your prayers please!

  13. Donna Johnson   

    I have recently started The Circle and it is amazing what it can do and how it has changed my life forever. I am working with some of my friends on it and when I was talking to my friend Marie it actually clicked that we have always been in the circle together before we even knew about it.. We can always tell what each other is gonna say before we say it and we have helped each other at times when we weren’t even together. Thanks Laura Day for being such a wonderful amazing person.. The whole world loves you!! xoxo

  14. Lotus1   

    How does one get a password for the “new realities” section of this website? the password I am using for the message board does not work there. THanks!

  15. Sheri   

    Hi Laura,
    I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I am officially divorced. It has taken quite some time and Im sure I was manipulated in court a little by my ex- (one of his finer qualities) BUT regardless, my ‘wish’ came to fruition and for that, I wanted to share. When I came to Esalen a few years ago-you helped (forced with love) me to see what was happening with me. When you visited in San Diego after, you did a reading on me based on one of your activities. You pegged my situation and hit it head on. I took the long road, but I made it. I would not have made it without your help and the support of our Circle. I am not scared. I have more changes to make but I feel strong and KNOW there is more out here for me.

    My life is changing every day. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us. Much love and appreciation. I am honored to be a part of your Circle.
    Fondly, Sheri

  16. Hi Laura! The Circle is really helping so many people. There are several of us who are participating in a joint venture, and we decided to do The Circle together! Within 24 hours I noticed sychronicities that were definitely in alignment with intentionality. Also, we love the book so much, we wanted to share it with our website visitors. Wonderful book thank you!
    The Circle – an indepth book review.

  17. Hi Laura! The Circle is really helping so many people. There are several of us who are participating in a joint venture, and we decided to do The Circle together! Within 24 hours I noticed sychronicities that were definitely in alignment with intentionality. Also, we love the book so much, we wanted to share it with our website visitors. Wonderful book thank you!

  18. I need to attend ine of your workshops. I am ready. Thank you Laura for being here at this time, at all.

  19. Megan   

    The Circle is like having a magic map to your hearts desire. Everyone has a dream. This brilliant book not only helps you bring your dream to a reality but shows you how to create all of your dreams, goals and wishes.
    Laura Day is an amazing woman and she has empowered the reader so we too can master the ability to create.

  20. Laura Day’s book The Circle provides you with a roadmap to creating the life you want. Do you wish your life were different? Are you involved in unproductive patterns that are keeping you from what you really want? Do you even have a vision of what that can be? Then you are like a lot of people who left their maps behind or forgot where they wanted to go. When you enter the Circle and imagine a new reality, you begin to find your way. Practice “The Circle” and be prepared to be surprised at the power you have within to create change.

  21. Mary   

    I started working “The Circle” four years ago, and in that short time my life has changed in numerous and positive ways. We each have more power than we are aware of, and Laura Day not only teaches us to become aware of and celebrate our inner power but also to harness that power to create the life that we desire. You truly can have all that you wish for and “The Circle” will help you achieve all that you desire!

    This is not a “how to” book, but rather a book of doing. There are exercises for each of the nine steps of the Circle and a great workbook is included that has daily, weekly exercises. “The Circle” has become a part of my daily life, a practice, that will stay with me forever. My life has become more wonderful than I could have imagined as a result of working the Circle.

    I’ve also been fortunate enough to attend Laura Day’s workshops. If you can’t attend them, her websites have great videos of her teaching. Not only has “The Circle” changed my life, but I have met some of the nicest people through the Circle!

    This is one of my all time favorite books and I’ve given it to nuermous friends as gifts!

  22. The Circle has changed my life more than any book I have read in my 6 decades.
    It is a simple and concise work of sheer genius. By putting the contents into 9 elements which form a comprehensive insight into the details of manifesting your desired new reality , the thing you wish for with all of your heart, Laura makes the esoteric simply accessible

    I pre-ordered this book and it arrived September 11th 2001, an auspicious time to receive a book like this To date I have read and/or listened to The Circle over 200 times literally from front to back and it always returns anew with fresh perspectives to import to me the science of creating a life that I truly desire.

    It also reminds me that what Laura Day calls “The Circle” is an energetic coalition of all those energies that we manifest and embody as community and co creators to assist in the “mutual” manifestation of our treasured heart’s desire and our fondest wishes for a better more nourishing and empowering life for ourselves and our families and friends.

    This book stands alongside the best book on the market whatever that is and has been for you. I can guarantee that one read of The Circle will make you a believer in your power to consciously
    leave behind old patterns and to embrace a new life of intentional miracles.

  23. I can honestly say that “The Circle” has changed my life. I grew up with no parents or siblings and have accomplished everything on my own. Yes, hear me roar. Until something completely out of my control happend.

    This book taught me to look what I want to happen in my new reality and what I needed to let go to make that happen. An more importantly to turn it over to the “Circle Community”. When I did this….and it took a couple weeks, because remember I don’t need anyone….the results were amazing. No fairies came and bonked me on the head…but the dreams and bizarre synchronicities that lead you to the path.

    I have never been more aware of the steps forward I am taking and the power I have over my own life. But more importantly there is a whole “Circle” of people out there helping me and I’m helping them.

    Three clear and concise sections of this book and included workbook, lead you to discover the hidden potential you have to change your life and affect the lives of those around you.
    See you there!

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