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How to Rule the World From Your Couch

How to Rule the World From Your Couch
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In her new book, How to Rule the World from Your Couch, Laura Day teaches you or your company how to create success in any area by using your brain in unique and compel-ling ways so that your innate intuition can propel you ahead to successful solutions.

The step-by-step exercises included — many of which can (and should!) be done from the comfort of your couch — will show you how you can:

• Find and secure your dream job
• Maintain solid relationships, even at a distance
• Lose weight by reclaiming the body you were meant to have
• Know how to spot your perfect mate
• Make better investments and business decisions
• Negotiate differences in the workplace
• Have an understanding relationship with your child
• Identify which opportunities will pan out
• Project a desirable image for yourself or your product
• Anticipate and resolve difficult conflict before you walk into a situation

Laura’s work has helped demystify intuition and demonstrate its practical, verifiable uses in the fields of business, science, medicine, and personal growth. Her list of clients and students includes doctors, financial investors, scientists, engineers, and celebrities. Day has shown that 98 percent of success is planning and that you, therefore, have the power to transform your life.

  1. Teo   

    I’ve been trying to comment but unsuccessfully.
    I wanted to ask what book do you recommend reading first. I am intuitive but afraid to trust my intuition.
    I am also unsure / confuse about what I’d love to pursue, work related. I have a job in finance that I hate. I’d love to love my work, do it out of passion.

    • I am a big believer in safe. You should not trust anything that your logical mind tells you is to risky. The whole idea of using intuition is to find wholesome ways to achieve the same goal that would otherwise require a risk.
      Why don’t you do The Circle:How the power of a single wish can change your life, and make your goal (New Reality) a rewarding job/career that you love.

  2. Hello Mdm Laura,
    I need you help. I live in greece and i dont speak very goog english.Sorry for…my english.
    today i start reading your amazing book”welcome to you to use the power of crisis to create the life you want”.
    i’ll buy this book today(with greek subtitles)!!
    First time in my life i reading such a book.In 6 hours i read all your book…and i say….”this is my life”!!you are so amazing i have so power.
    i lose both of my parents in accident before 8 months.i am alone,i have serious depress and with this book i now what i must done to change my life and found the hapiness!BUT I NEED MORE INFORMATIONS…
    Did you know…i want to read these also amazing three books but IN GREEK VERSION….??IS THAT POSIBLE…?i think probably not..?

    you are so wonderful woman.thank you for your book …deep..deep from my heart!!after this book i have so good feelings about my future…I WAIT FOR YOUR ANSWER…I NEED THESE BOOKS!!
    Good night
    god bless you!!!

    • Dear Dimitris,

      Thank you for your kind words and Welcome to your Crisis is a book I live by as well. I was fortunate to have so many brilliant people contribute to that particular work. Mourning takes a while. 8 months of mourning feels like a long time but it is not. You cannot judge your life by what you are feeling now in the midst of your grief but it is a good time to weep out all of the sadness and to plant the seeds of a new start. I am sure that all of my books are available in Greek.
      I am sending you healing now for a safe voyage through grief leading you to a brilliant New Reality.


  3. wundra   

    Laura, you suggest that we must ask ourselves who we need to be to get out of my crisis, is the answer the same as what we out in our circle wish?

    • No. Your crisis is either your inner or outer roadblock in The Circle and needs it’s own champion to address it!

      • wundra   

        Hi Laura,

        Doesn’t my new reality goal and the person I need to be to get out of my crisis have the chance to be at odds with one another?

        • Focus on the New Reality in The Circle and what/who you need to release will be released! Welcome to Your Crisis helps you get out of your own way so that The Circle and your New Reality are not impeded by your patterns! Usually we, and not the world, get in our own way!!! Change is hard and takes a lot of courage. I am still mastering the process as I do The Circle and Welcome to your Crisis everyday.

          • Wundra   

            Laura, Thank you!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how much this clarifies things for me and I hope for us.

  4. jefa   

    will thi book help me restore a relationship with an ex?

    • It depends. It is never a good choice to use intuition to restore a relationship with someone who does not want to have a relationship with you. Will is a powerful thing and it is best to stay away from battles of will. However, if the person does want to engage with you intuition can help smooth the path and create understanding, restore passion and give a vision of the future that can be shared.

  5. WUNDRA   

    Hi Laura,

    I have been active working with your three books, Circle, Couch and Crisis books.

    I was reading your blog when someone mentioned that we should read your Practical Intuition book to get a handle on asking precise questions so I did this.

    -is this a good idea while working with Circle, Couch and Crisis book series?

    Ofcourse I am curious why it would not be a good idea in the first place…

    -Should I stop using the Practical Intuition right now?

    -I started listening to dynamic intuition at night when I sleep,is this a good move?

    So for healing, I have gotten back from a foreign job and have been applying for jobs here…I believe that healing works, I am asking for healing energy for me to help me get a great job.

    Thanks very much.

    • There is a lot here!
      Firstly, I am sending healing now.
      1) Practical Intuition will help you learn how to ask targeted questions.
      2) All the books are a lot of work. Circle, Couch and Crisis are meant to be done as a trio. Practical Intuition takes you away from the focus of “One WIsh” in The Circle so it distracts the process. My suggestion is to make The Circle part of your life and then do Practical Intuition.
      3) If you listen to Dynamic Intuition every night you do too much work in your sleep and your inner self doesn’t have time to process. Trying doing it once a week at night to “set” you intention and the rest of the nights, dream!

      • wundra   

        LAURA, HOW DOES ONE DIG DEEPLY WITHIN as you pUt it in your book “Crisis”?

        • If you do the exercises in the book you cannot help but go deeply within! It begins with a willingness (or an urgent need) to change!

  6. Justin   

    Hi Laura I just started reading about you and I’m already a huge fan! I should get your new book How to Rule The World From Your Couch in about a week but now I’m a little worried. Ever since I was a young boy I have been fascinated with the paranormal and I’ve been up all night for weeks trying to learn how to talk to the dead so I am going to read your book, but as I read why your book will accomplished I didn’t see “how to communicate with the dead” will this be in the book? Also, I think my room has a spirit in it that I’m not quite sure is friendly in fact as I started txting this message I felt a sharp pain across my eyelid onto my skin. As I looked in the mirror in my room I could clearly see a red scar! This is one of the many reasons I want to communicate with the dead and fast because my mom refuses to hear me out while this thing ruins me. Please if you have any advise could you tell me it I am in desperate need.

    • Anything that becomes and obsession is not helpful. It is really important that you get help for the obsessive nature of what you are feeling. If you want to investigate the idea at another time, when you feel more balanced and protected there will always be another time Nothing can “ruin you” except for not dealing with the very wonderful, sometimes hard and important business of real life ! I think it is so important that you take a pause, perhaps listen to your mother and investigate what you are feeling from another point of view.Although I believe that it is all normal and none of it is paranormal my guess is that there is something that you are avoiding in your moment to moment life with your focus on the dead. I would consider myself especially sensitive to this kind of occurrence yet I have never been “bothered” by a “spirit” although many people who are alive have given me quite a bit of trouble.. Usually it is my experience that when my students are focused on communicating with another reality it is a sign that something needs to be attended to in their life.
      What might you be avoiding doing, changing, thinking about, putting work into, confronting, in your day to day? Is there something that may be bothering you that you might want to speak to a therapist about? I have!!There are natural, human emotions that are important to attend to and you sound young enough that you should find someone trusted in your life to help you sort out what those are.
      I am sending you healing now

      • Sofia   

        Hi Laura,

        My intuition is being clouded right now with some fears. There is someone I want to reconnect with. My intention is that if there is some peace and reconnection to be salvaged out of reaching out. However, I can’t sense if it is a positive thing for both sides. Any advice on how to get clear to make my choice?

      • Justin   

        Thank you Laura, you were right. I have taken time off the paranormal and now spend it on schoolwork (I get better grades now). I have one issue though. It is getting hard to tell which voice is intuition and which voice in my head is me thinking. Is there anyway to distinguish them? Also,how was your childhood and family? What job experience have you ever had? Last where did you get your education? Do you know anywhere I could find this info? Thank you.

        • Dear Justin,
          Much of my childhood is documented in my books. I have always done what I do and I always wanted to write. I was an au pair as teen. I am very undereducated, a loss that I am glad you will not make in your life.I went to a math and science specialized high school in NYC called Stuyvesant and many different universities never actually completing a degree. I could always write and I still can’t spell! However, we all work with what we have, spotty as it may be! I think my greatest gift is my desire to be useful in the world and connected to others in a healing manner. It has given me my life.
          Practice and documenting your intuitions will help you tell the difference between thought and intuition although it will always be harder to be intuitive about yourself as you are attached to a specific outcome.
          I am sending you healing now

  7. Hi Laura,

    I just read a sample of How to Rule the World From Your Couch that I had downloaded from iTunes some time ago. When I got to the buy page, I couldn’t get it to work. Upon further investigation, I discovered that your book was no longer on iTunes or even in the Kindle Store (!

    Do you know what’s happened? How can I get an electronic copy, preferably the iBook version?


    • The publisher would have this information. Sorry you are having a hard time finding it in an electronic version. Good information for me to have. Thank you!

      • Hi again Laura,

        I continued to investigate this – I was really ready to read the book! – and discovered that it’s still on the US iTunes site. I’m in the UK for a short time and I must have switched to the UK iTunes after I had downloaded the sample. For some reason, UK store only has the Spanish translations of your books!

        Best regards,

  8. Laura Day Admin   

    buy this car

    • polly   

      please visit st louis sometime, Laura!

      you have some great fans here who own all of your books and would love to hear you in person!

      • I would love to. If there is enough interest I will schedule a group. I really schedule by demand, except for Boot Camp which I can only do in New York because it is very intense and I have resources here for people that I do not have in other parts of the country. Thank you for your kind words.

  9. I need the PDF files for How to rule the world from your couch
    as soon as Possible.

    • The PDF files are in there. The publisher is the best person to contact as if you are having difficulty.

  10. Anonymous   

    It´s i pity…The Czechs have translated only one of your books (Welcome to crisis) :(
    I looking forward in other your books in my native language :)



    • Please have people write into the publisher of that book for more! I love The Circle and HOW TO RULE THE WORLD FROM YOUR COUCH!

  11. Ghis   

    Hi Laura,
    When what is expected to translate your book in French?
    I look forward to reading your book. Too bad I do not speak English well enough to be able to read it now. But maybe it is already translated into French? I have not heard in any case in France

    Thank you for your smile … It communicates the energy …
    I hope to read your book soon!


  12. Hi Laura,

    I have read both The Circle and now I am in the middle of How To Rule The World From Your Couch. The hardest part to me is being able to trust in what you’re seeing when doing the exercises. I have my own journal that I keep track of everything in, but I do have a question. I am looking to find out WHERE i should move in regards to my job…or better yet, what city I should be looking at. I’d like to use my intuition for this, and maybe this is covered throughout the rest of your book, but I noticed it says that you should have a target when using telephathy or mediumship. Because I don’t have a tager(the exact city) how would I go about approaching this?

    Thank you for all your help Laura,

    I Love your books and I will be sharing them with the listeners of our radio station!


  13. John   

    Finally an author who responds to her fans! Great book by the way.

  14. Lorencobug   

    Is it possible to contact administration?

  15. Remember, you can use this book and The Circle to teach intuition and healing. I love to see you in workshops but you don’t need me to teach or to learn. That is why I write books!

  16. Rachel   

    is this book published in any other language

  17. That was really interesting. I happened to find your website when I was in the middle of doing some studying on google. I wanted to let you know I enjoyed this blog and keep up on doin what you’re doing. Don’t forget… enjoy the climb.. dont over-focus on the end result. Take care, Lucas

  18. How to be your own guru, your own seer, your own healer. In this book Laura Day reveals the mechanisms she uses as a gifted people-whisperer to help you master your own intuition. Gael Greene, the Insatiable Critic.

  19. Thank you all for your kind comments and for taking the time to post them

  20. amy   

    bodhi tree i will try to be there

  21. Wow wow wow!! You’re coming to Los Angeles June 30th???
    I am so excited, please RSVP me for this event! I shall bring friends and spread the word!


  22. Anonymous2   

    Wonderful book – wonderful techniques – wonderful woman!

    This book has, if nothing else, improved my decision-making enormously – and this has had a powerful effect on my business, and the quality of my life.

  23. If you want to tap into your intuitive process but don’t know where to begin, How to Rule the World from Your Couch offers the tools you need. In tandem with Laura’s other book, The Circle, you can and will transform your life. When you apply Laura’s tools to your life, you will be amazed at the changes you can bring about. It is not magic. It is you, practicing and honing these skills, and accessing knowledge that is available to you that you can use in achieving your goals, healing or just becoming more aware of how you are operating in your life in productive or unproductive ways.

    As the saying goes, just do it!

  24. Mary   

    This is a phenomenal book! Laura Day generously shares her insights, knowledge and 30 plus years of experience in the field of intution. This book will help you to recognize your own intuitive ability and to harness it in a way that will positively transform your life. Laura Day provides readers with easy to follow exercises and step by step instructions to develop and strengthen one’s own intuition. She shares her work in the way that she herself utilizes her intuitive skills.

    I have done (and keep working with) all the exercises in “Couch” and also have been a “student” of Laura’s for the last four years. Intuition has many practical applications in business as well as day to day life. I have had many positive and even amazing results in all areas of my life after utilizing the skills taught by Laura Day in her books. This work has, and will continue to have a profound impact on my life, personally and professionally.

    Laura Day has a passion for teaching others how to use the skills she has fine tuned over her career. Her passion for her work comes across in her books, videos, and personal appearances. She wants her students/readers to become the very best intuitives that they can be! On top of that, she is a wonderful, witty, warm, loving, smart, kind, human being! So, thank you Laura Day for sharing your gift, your work and yourself in such a lovely genuine and meaningful way.

    “How To Rule The World from Your Couch” is by far one of Laura Day’s best books thus far! It’s a real gift from Laura to the readers. Enjoy reading the book, have fun doing the exercises and putting the skills to work in your life. It’s been a real joy to me!

  25. mary c   

    I Love this Book!

    It covers a full range of intuitive practices: Mediumship, Telepathy, Body Heat Telepathy,Remote Viewing,Precognition, and my favorite chapter: Healing. If you were only going to have one book on developing intuition, I would say This Is It. For two main reasons:

    1. the instruction is so thorough, without being overwhelming that you actually get to practice the skills instead of just reading interesting stuff. Motivating!.
    2. the real jewel of the book: you get the author’s illuminated thinking process. Her experience as a teacher and focused writer really shows here, she holds the students hand page after page and gives solid, invaluable thinking to approaching intuitive work and life.
    Some of the great stuff in the book:

    Other goodies inside:
    ~A top ten “ways we get in our way” list . My two faves there are: not applying the exercise to real goals in your life, and looking for immediate feedback/validation on the readings you do.
    ~ Bedtime/Sleep Telepathy: Day points out that we are all getting and receiving messages whether or not we realize it, and addresses it
    ~the Healing Chapter -it’s what you would think plus: how to reclaim lost parts of yourself, bringing harmony to body, life, relationship, or a company

    This is heart-mending work. Her earlier books are wonderful (The Circle, Welcome to our Crisis especially). This book is even more: a blockbuster treasure chest of tools to get you through life’s twists and turns. I look forward to re-reading and digging deeper through this pot of gold.

    Thank you Laura Day!
    Mary C

  26. Cori Thomas   

    Laura Day is a magician! I have read all of her books and attended some of her workshops. It is one thing to have the powers. It is another to know how to use them wisely. It is yet another to describe how to do so. She does three things effortlessly and succinctly. It will be your privilege.

    • Cori
      I miss you
      xo Laura

      • Chris   

        I got first hand proof that intuition is very real. I never heard of Laura nor her books, not even the title.
        Had a dream last night & woke up this morning, the only thing I remembered about the dream where the words “How to rule the world from my couch”. When I go into work this morning my first impulse was to google that sentence from my dream, this in itself was an odd action because I google almost everything but this was something I thought I said in my dream and here I was prompted by intuition to google my words from a dream, you can imagine my surprise to find a book titled with the exact words and it was about the power of intuition.
        I was over the moon in joy because once again this proved intuition is real, something I have always professed goes along side the power of thought, everything man made in creation is always preceded by thought, nothing can be formed into existence without first thinking of it. I know for a fact intuition is that silent voice of the Spirit within, it speaks in a flash and never argues or goes into discus. That is the difference between intuition & intellect. You intuition tells you a fact, while your intellect debates a fact. Example if you get the intuition upon meeting a person that he or she is bad but your intellect would debate how the person looks safe, has this & that about him that seems good then when experiences teach you otherwise you recall that little voice that told you this was a bad person.
        Laura you have a life saver in this book, even before I have read it. This is what mankind needs today more than anything else in life to find the salvation of their being.
        Man know thyself.

  27. I have been studying Laura Day’s many books for over 12 years now and I am always rewarded daily by new insights from her cogent teachings. Laura Day’s concose adn clear style leaves little to be
    desired in understanding the simplicity of the dynamics of all the intuitive processes and most of all how to practically apply these skills to increase your overall health and wealth and haappiness in every area of your life.

    There are many books available by other authors on intuition and none can compare with the
    efficiency with which laura day conveys the “how To” of intuitive decision making and imformation gathering and communications.

    From intuitive insights to telepathy to remote viewing, Ms Day allows the reader to experience potent tangible skills in intuitive skills that heretofore have been considered reserved for the
    mystics and the professional psychics and intuitives.

    laura Day demystifies all the nuances surrounding intuition so that you can emply intuition to
    create the life you desire …your new reality… with demonstrable and documented results.

    If you read this book you wont be disappointed and I can guarantee you will learn many things you have always wished you could apply to bring about the optimum life and goals.

    Elan Star

  28. I know we are all intuitive. And unfortunately, new agers have mystified it with talk of ’spirit’, and presenting being psychic as if it’s something hokey or spiritual. You don’t have to be spiritual to be intuitive; or, you can be as spiritual as you want, and have the need to really learn how to direct your intuition. The military uses remote viewing. These skills are no secret, but because of their presentation with certain famous psychics, we’ve experienced intuition as something that may clash with our spiritual beliefs. Laura Day demystifies intuition. She presents it in the way it exists, a natural mode of living. Even better, she explains how to understand it when it’s happening, and precisely how to direct it and use it for everyday living, and as tool to create the lives we are meant to have. I bought this book because her books The Circle and Welcome to Your Crisis are profoundly changing my life. I can’t get enough of Laura Day’s teachings. Buy the book. I can’t imagine anyone would regret holding this information in their hands. And her writing is delightful!

  29. Miki   

    I got Audio book version of this book yesterday, I couldn’t wait to listen to it. Only listened two CDs, I already love it. It so instructional. Great book, I would recommend all my friends to get it!

  30. Melissa C. R. Maraveyias   

    This book is exactly what it claims to be. It is Laura’s work, her life’s lessons and she has put it on a platter for us. It easy to see, once read, how much devotion has gone into each chapter, the wise advice, exercises and most importantly her love and generosity.

    When it comes time for the exercises, I find that I can actually hear Laura in the room, right beside me, holding my hand. It’s not enough to simply read, one must do, partake, take action. The changes which occur, the depth at which one gets to know oneself feels like miracleS.

  31. I am more inclined to shout: For the love of Lord buy this book and use it! Now!
    But I will use self-control and say it works!
    It is measurable change in you and events that you did not think you had any effect whatsoever!
    (no koolaid or foofy exercises involved)

  32. I ran out and pruchased this book when I saw Diane Sawyer interview her on Good Morning America. The skills I’ve learned in “How To Rule The World From Your Couch” have never led me astray! I’ve used the skills from this book from knowing what parking spot I’ll get at the mall, to improving and understanding my relationships with my early adult aged children…to hiring people and developing marketing plans!

    There is no hocus pocus here, just simple skills on honing and understanding those senses we already have.

  33. aimie costanza   

    I have found this book to be the most effective, easy, fun, intelligent and compassionate course in actually transforming one’s life experience, that I have ever read. And it CAN all be done from your couch!
    Anyone with the slightest gumption, who engages with the easy to follow exercises, and does–as the author repeatedly suggests–write down notes, will genuinely find they can do intuitive work.
    Continue the work past the first “verification” events, and relationships can heal, life patterns and situations can be wholly transformed. I was able to have these experiences myself, working with Laura Day’s earlier books. However; realizing the world is suddenly in your hands is not always a calming occurrence– though it is truly wonderful. It is very helpful to have this book–and more than one copy so it’s easy to get to wherever you are–on hand for continual reading up.
    Commit to following through with “ruling the world”, or at least your world, and this book will guide you surely to that goal. Whatever bumps along the way you may encounter, this book has provided a solution. Simply reading it for information about intuition–from a superb practitioner– is inspiring, actually doing the work is extraordinary.
    Laura Day doesn’t as much de-mystify the abilities we all have to affect our experiences “from our couch” with focus, intent, and will, as make that power easily available to anyone willing to try it out. Her writing is clear, frank, funny. Her instructions have been fine tuned in years of successfully teaching others. Her integrity, openness, and compassion vibrate throughout the book. As pleasant as it is to read, it is also effectively written to offer the key to the true healing we all, on some level, are seeking. These aren’t esoteric answers, they are practical, experience based, and verifiable. And amazing.
    She offers a practical and wise categorization of “intuitive” processes that should be accessible to most people. For that alone, the book would be worthwhile. However, speaking from gratifying experience, simply enjoying the book intellectually is NOT enough. There is so much more here, and it’s so simple to do. I will say, also from experience, that when she suggests doing anything, anywhere on the page, DO it.

    With discipline and perseverance, sitting on your couch–with this book in hand–CAN transform your life

    • This is amazing. Thank you.
      Will you post this on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! It is a real gift

      • misses laura day i want to say thank you one more time for the work that have you done and publish it is a true gift for humanity.i am 23 soon 24 and i want to be an entepreneur and a very succesfull one i will do it i am sure!!!i discover your video a month ago when i was lost in research for something that will help me to achieve my dreams quicker i found atkison i read the book concentration i found then walter d wallace i read his book then i saw a video in the youtube with a lady(you) being in a talk show giving a interviw with a canadian and some days after intuition revealed herself i still jump every day from my hapinnes for something like that and thank thank you many many many times that you dont keep it for yourself and share it with everyone thank you then i understand that even someone come and say to you heyyyyyyyyyyy you have a giiiiiiiftttttttttt knowone will understand if he is not ready.of course i saw all of your videos on youtube which all of them are amzing i identify my self in the rage crisis type and i am improved too much know.i am trying every day to make intuition my habit process but for know i want to graduate the quiker possible from my university so i am using it for questions in exams untill now i am very accurate on my girlfriends exam and ibelieve that with this gift i will finish scholl very quickly and be what i want to be in a young age in order to have time for me and expan d my awarenness and read what i want to read and do what iwant to do FREEDOOOOOM IS MY MOTO OR WAY OF LIVING!!!AND I RESPECT IT A LOT AND BELIEVE THAT EVERY HUMAN BEING SHOULD ME A MASTER OF HIMSELF!!!IN THE SUMMER i am going to rafinerate my intuition even more i love the word RAFINERATE IT HAS A FLAIR AND A PASSION BEHIND IT! SO I WOULD LIKE TO ASK what books should i read i dont mind if there are all your books or any other book that you could suggest me in order to achieve my goal!!!misses laura day thank you one more time.and sorry that i didnt put . , this things but when i write i let it go all.if there is possible to answer my questions or tell me something that will help me even more i promise one day to do something for you in return if i can do it.thank you hugs :)


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